Where to Find Really Good Parenting Advice!

When you need the best help for a problem you are trying to solve, where do you go for help? Do you just call a friend who will listen to you and try to help, but hasn’t figured it out themselves, or do you go to someone who has “been there?”

I recently took a part-time job at a senior living facility. It has been a great experience for me as I have had the pleasure of spending time with people who have definitely “been there.”

I get to hear some proud parents and grandparents talk and brag about their families that they cannot wait to hug and be with in closer proximity. It occurred to me that I could benefit from some of their wisdom, especially in the area of parenting.

Gene the proven advisor

I asked Gene, who is 93 years young, who has 7 children, 27 grandchildren, and 25 great grandchildren, what kind of parenting advice he thought was valuable. He didn’t think very long before he said that “parents being on the same page was VERY important.”

I agree with Gene’s wise words. There is so much packed into that advice. In fact, I lay out this idea in my book, All Done Day: How to Win at Everyday Parenting. It is crucial for intentional parents to determine what direction they want to steer their kids. Notice I said “direction” and not “directions.” Too many times parents are not unified in their “direction” and it can be confusing, not only to their children, but to their spouse as well! In our very busy family lives, really connecting and working out a winning strategy for parenting often gets put on a back burner.  When parents talk together and focus on a number of “targets” that they feel are important to them, it gives them a better game plan for how they want to train, discipline, and encourage their kids. This is what“getting on the same page” means. Having the same blueprints to work from creates order, and even security for the whole family.

My husband and I took this step when our kids were small, determining what “the same page” meant to us in agreed upon values that we would parent from.  We then used those criteria to create daily plans we custom fit to each of our kids. We attached incentives to each kid’s plan that we knew they would work for. It was really an experiment when we first put this into practice – BUT IT WORKED! And not just when they were small – the All Done Day grew with them until they were old enough to help to create their own plans.

If you want to read about just how this DID work, and how it could work for your family, just hit the button below and buy the book.

Oh – and the next time you need parenting help, look for someone who “did it well.” Ask them for their best piece of advice!

In the comments below, please share what you think is the best parenting advice you have ever been given.

Another way to interact with other parents around issues is to join the All Done Day Facebook group at AllDoneDayFacebookGroup.

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