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Looking for a Parenting Plan that is proven to work?

All Done Day helps you take the hopes and dreams you have for your kids, to create daily plans and routines that will help them accomplish what really matters.

Enjoy Parenting

Eliminate Frustration

Have a Plan that Works

Parenting is Chaotic and Frustrating
without a plan

You deserve a plan that works and empowers your kids to follow through.

Create a Parenting Plan
Aligned with Your Hopes & Dreams
for Your Kids

Parenting without a Plan

Parenting with a Plan

Have Fun Parenting

Get to know your kids in ways that you hadn't anticipated. Watch them grow to become the people that you dream they would become.

Learn to Motivate Your Kids

Experience the magic of engaging your kids with what matters to them. This is the unique special sauce of the ALL DONE DAY plan.

Reduce Frustration

The ALL DONE DAY plan changes the dynamics of how you relate to your kids. You are no longer the only motivator - and that matters.

Some days you don't want to get out of bed.

  • 20+ Years PROVEN Use
  • Kids from 4 to 22
  • Used SUCCESSFULLY by Multiple Families

Stacy - Mom of 3

“I’ve used ALL DONE DAY for the past 2 years and have seen significant growth in independence, maturity, responsibility and follow through in our three kids (ages 11, 13 and 17).

They are motivated by the incentive system in ways that other systems or ideas that I’ve tried have not been able to.  I am grateful for the wisdom that I’ve gleaned from ALL DONE DAY.”


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Stop feeling like a failure
as a parent.

Parenting can be exhausting when you can’t get your child to follow through and nothing you try works.  All Done Day helps parents create a personalized daily plan for each child that calls them up and uniquely motivates them to action based on targets the parent defines as most important.  With the All Done Day plan, parents will watch their children own their successes and grow into the adults they dream they can be!

You might be wondering if All Done Day could work for you.  Our answer is absolutely!  We’ve seen it work with our kids and also in other families that made their plan and saw it work for them too.  Take a look at Stacy’s experience (see above).

You might also be wondering if All Done Day is just for younger kids.  We adjusted our implementation as our kids got older, but the same principles of having a plan that mattered to them as well as to us worked when they got older too.  We just put more of the responsibility to define their list on the kids as they got older.


"5 Secrets to Determine What Motivates Your Kids"
...that Matter

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