My Story

Why I wrote All Done Day?

ALL DONE DAY not only came out of my significant need for something that would help me to be a better Mom to my kids, it has also become my passion.  Even though my kids are grown and employed after college, the lessons that we all learned through All Done Day still make up the fabric of how I see my children living their lives. 

I am honored that you are interested in learning more about how All Done Day can impact your life and family in incredible ways.  The journey that you are about to take will be worth all of the effort that you put into it.

I am the mom of four grown and gainfully employed children – 2 girls and 2 boys. I have always worked at least part time while raising my kids – I left the corporate world when my second child was born and started my private piano studio which I maintained for 25 years. I have weathered a season of infertility, a full-term stillborn baby girl, a traveling husband, a cross country move, homeschooling two kids for 3 years, the death of both my parents and mother-in-law, building a dream home, losing a business, losing the dream home, and moving back to Minnesota where our kids went to college and were settling down. Each place I have lived I had the support of other moms – moms who prayed with and for me. I have loved using my joys and my sorrows and my gift of encouragement to mentor younger moms. 

I am here for you and want to be your greatest fan.

In case you were wondering, my last name rhymes with “mom.”

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