Dealing with Unknowns and Creating Knowns! – PART 1

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What is the longest streak that one of your kids has gone wearing the same clothes in the past 4 months? Please post in the comments – there may be a prize!

I have been talking to parents and teachers who have been living in limbo the past months, waiting for the verdict on whether schools will meet physically, the distance model will return, or a “hybrid” model will be an option. And even when they DO know the decision, there is little peace. There are probably families that will adapt to whatever is thrown at them, but others will definitely struggle to create a sense of balance, and the ability to thrive. And hasn’t this summer been more difficult, and less carefree? You have had a respite from the online school regimen, but it has been a lot of work to create meaningful experiences with less outside resources available.

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In the midst of these unknowns that have been thrust upon your family, YOU need to be the driver that directs your kids onto productive paths. You have hopes and dreams for your kids, but without a plan that works for each child, actually achieving those hopes and dreams is going to be far more difficult and far more chaotic for everybody. You know that you are responsible for your kids, to help them succeed and – NO ONE ELSE is going to do it for you!  So, how do you actually DO IT?  I am so glad you asked. This is exactly why I wrote my book All Done Day – How to Win at Everyday Parenting.

This is Part 1 in a series of blog posts to help you start creating daily success for each of your children.

To start, I am going to raise your curiosity by laying out the benefits I believe you will experience with ALL Done Day:

You will not be doing everything for your kids
Your kids will have a clear plan for each day
You will instill an opportunity for daily success
You will get to know each kid better
You will encourage goal setting and goal achieving
You will prove to your kids the benefit of good choices
You will learn to focus on the positives
You can stop being a “nag” and let the plan do the talking
You can turn your unknowns into knowns


Stay tuned as I lay out the essentials of the All Done Day Plan.  If you can’t wait, pick up my book All Done Day – How to Win at Everyday Parenting below and start creating knowns that your family needs right now!

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