A Family GPS – Part 1 of Map in My Lap Series

In my last blog post I talked about how I like a physical map in my lap when I go on a road trip. I’m hoping to stir up a new trend – go buy an atlas!  Whether it’s a map, or GPS, we need to know where we are going. There are so many hazards that can cause us to experience unnecessary detours. Don’t we all want help to avoid mistakes and wasted time and effort? This is the start of a 7 part blog series to walk you through how you can revolutionize your parenting to help you guide your kids to their best destinations in life.

I remember a family vacation to Washington DC when I was growing up. My dad was driving and we were trying to go see the WWII Iwo Jima memorial. We could see the statue in the distance, but it seemed like no matter which route we took, it wasn’t the right one, and I am not even sure that we ever got there! We had no GPS, no plan, and we did NOT get to where we wanted to go.

This is how I felt as a young mom. I had a vague vision of what I wanted my kids to become and be, and an even more haunting idea of what I did NOT want them to become. The problem was that I didn’t have a clear path or plan to get to the better vision. My lack of clarity was playing itself out in my daily life as my kids were messy, helpless, and often bored.

There were so many books I had read, and podcasts I listened to, but something was missing for me. I needed something to help me implement a plan on a daily basis, because that is how we take on life – one day at a time.
I needed a plan that was practical and doable.
I needed a plan that would grow as we grew.

A revelation came to me in the seed of just such a plan to give me and my kids the clarity we needed.
I called it the All Done Day plan, and it transformed my parenting and my family’s trajectory, giving me and my kids a GPS that would get us to our destination.

One of the most important elements of my plan is that my husband and I sat down and actually verbalized and recorded our visions for what we dreamed our kids could be. I had heard about doing this vision casting in The Art of Parenting (FamilyLife), and it became foundational for us, but my practical side needed a more concrete plan to make it work on a daily basis. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work!

We not only defined what we wanted our children to aspire to, we took this further and discussed what we DID NOT want our children to become.  The outcome of this process provided the critical boundaries that we needed, to check all of our All Done Day plans against.

First of all, agreeing together as parents is key. There are many parenting and marital struggles because of differing ideas and styles. Parenting is very ineffective – and confusing to kids when there is not agreement. Getting on the same page is a powerful tool for parenting success. Another bonus is that it builds harmony in your relationship – which trickles down to every one of your kids.

Second, you cut out a lot of wasted time. When you have clear goals and visions, the paths to get there are more direct. You have the “why” already mapped out, and you can enjoy the “getting there.

Today’s advice: Sit down and formulate your vision and dreams for what you would like to see in your kids when they leave home. Also, include the “never do I ever want to see” list. If you are a two parent household, meld those lists into your Family GPS, your All Done Day Vision.

DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS PART IF YOU ARE A SINGLE PARENT or maybe the only parent who is willing to take this on right now!  Find a friend or a mentor type who will help you to do this. You will find that the All Done Day plan will help you to multiply your efforts and create a daily plan for each of your kids that will give new purpose, structure, and confidence. 

In my next blog post, I will walk you through how to create personalized targets, or building blocks for each child based on your Family GPS – and accommodate their individual personality.

My whole story and how-to-implement All Done Day can be instantly available in my book: All Done Day; How to Win at Everyday Parenting, or in my All Done Day Quickstart Course. Go to AllDoneDay.com for more info.

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