Teachable Moments Start with a Plan!

The other day I was in a slow-moving grocery checkout line. I had things to do and places to go. My impatient self wanted to sigh very loudly and let everyone around me share my pain. I watched the mom with four kids in front of me almost finish up paying and I was thinking “YAY – I’M NEXT!” when several of her kids pulled out their little wallets to each go through the process of paying for their gum. One at a time.

I could have been frustrated – and obnoxious, but I stopped and watched this magic moment unfold in front of me. This mom was, without everyone in line knowing or acknowledging, enabling her kids to be just that much more equipped to take on life.

She was doing her job.

She didn’t do it for them.

She didn’t rush them.

But she was close by in case they needed her.

Someday they will be on their own, needing to do the things of life that need to be done. And they will do it confidently because of designed moments like this.

This mom had obviously worked with them, preparing them for this transaction. She had taught them about money. Hopefully they had each earned the money they were spending. I have a good idea that they had done just that.

I imagine that there was a conversation, maybe in the car on the way to the grocery store, telling them what to expect, when they should be ready, and what to do. They were well prepared.

She planned this opportunity, and invited them into it. For their benefit.

They executed their task perfectly.

Everybody won.

I wanted to cheer!

This is what an intentional parent does. This mom didn’t just get her grocery shopping done, she engineered a learning experience that was building each of her kids in several ways. She was giving them experience. She was honing skills. She was imparting confidence. And they were doing it all together.

One of my biggest life goals is to encourage parents to be intentional like this mom. Don’t do everything for your kids but be preparing them to do things for themselves. This will help them in life – especially when you cannot be with them. When they leave the nest, the goal is that they will fly.

It starts now.

If you are looking for ways to be teaching your kids to be equipped for life, check out my book, All Done Day; How to Win at Everyday Parenting.

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