Stress Relief Comes from Great Routines

Do crazy schedules stress you out? Well, join the club!

Whether you are a super-planner or a seat-of-the-pants, go with the flow person, having some things you can expect or count on in your day can fend off the loose ends and create some stability in your day.

I find that having a plan for my day, even if it gets a bit thrown off, gives me more control than if I do NOT have a plan.

Some of us may think that if we don’t have a plan we are a bit more chill, and will handle unexpected things better. But that hasn’t been my experience.

When I have a plan, I have targets. I have things that I can mentally check off when I accomplish them – and It makes me feel GOOD!

I regularly start out my morning with easy little plan accomplishments like making my bed, putting away breakfast dishes, and taking a walk. If, at noon I get an unexpected text from my boss, call from school, or a friend in need that pulls me away from the other things I have on my plan, things may have to be rearranged, but not totally turned upside down. BECAUSE I had a plan, I know that I had gotten some things done before the “crisis”.  I can also know I have a re-entry strategy. I can easily jump back into being productive, BECAUSE I have that plan. I tend to waste less time because I have goals.

My kids each had their own daily plans that they were expected to complete each day. Because they were tailored to their age, and their needs for where they needed to develop, their plan “fit” them. Their plans were achievable even when at times they were designed to “stretch” them. One example is that my kids, at different times, were expected to learn to prepare some meals. They weren’t all naturals in the kitchen, but I knew it was something they all needed to learn.


Your kids need to learn how to roll with what unexpectedly pops up in their days, too. They need great routines that help them have productive days. Their plans can include good hygiene routines, physical activities to promote good health, expectations for daily practice if they study music, time for personal spiritual health, and tasks they complete to help maintain the order of your home. All this in the context of intentional training, will equip and instill responsibility, purpose, and positive self-esteem. Their productivity will also help YOU to not have to be “doing it all.”

Many kids find real security in regular routines, and they benefit from the daily expectations given to them through a plan.  All kids benefit from learning how to work to complete assigned tasks. No matter their temperament, they need to be ready for whatever demands they will experience in the future. The sooner you start training your kids with routines, the sooner you will see the benefits for your whole household.

Attentive parents are wise to recognize different temperaments, but don’t give your kids a pass in this area of setting routines around your home. It truly is to their benefit. Teachers, coaches, and future bosses rarely will be able to alter their classroom, team, or work situation to accommodate their temperament. Kids need to learn how to understand an assignment, method, project, or directive. Starting purposeful daily routines that include practical, equipping tasks will set them up for success.

Purposeful training through great daily plans leads to more personal peace, and harmony in your home.

My All Done Day plan was designed to do all that and more. My new Online Quick Start All Done Day Course will walk you through everything you will need to set your kids, and YOU, on a better path.

Everyone Wins with an All Done Day!

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