Mom Stuck?

Are you MOM STUCK?

You didn’t choose this pandemic, this quarantine, this very difficult “new normal”.

BUT! You can choose to make this the most significant time in your family’s life.

You don’t have to let the climate of the internet voices, and fears of “what now/what next” be the greatest influencers in your life.

Take a deep breath!

 You ARE going to make it, but you have a choice to make. Are you just going to get to the other side, or are you going to make this possibly the most significant, defining time in your life as a parent?

You have been given kids for a reason – to make a difference in this world! And this is maybe the greatest opportunity in your entire life to be able to influence them for good!

I don’t want you to just “get through” this time. You have a chance to set a new course for your family.

 My book, All Done Day: How to Win at Everyday Parenting will help you to create that sense of direction – yes, even that sense of AMAZING that every parent hopes for.

I started the All Done Day plan for my kids when I was just so frustrated with them never following through! I wasn’t just interested in creating a chore chart. Been there done that and failed!  I wanted a way to daily be building into my kids the things that we as parents wanted them to be equipped with before they left home. I landed on a “secret sauce” that made all this work, and oh-my-goodness! Things changed in my home in amazing ways!

Do you want to know more?

Click below to order a copy of All Done Day..

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