Are You Ready for Summer?

Are You Ready for Summer? Who isn’t ready to leave this school year behind and kick back this summer? This has been a challenging year for kids and parents alike. Distance learning has taken a toll on most of us and it seems that summer can’t come soon enough! But what does summer mean to […]

Change Disappointments to Positives

How to Change Disappointments in Parenting to Positives Do you watch your kids do the same unproductive things day after day, or make the same poor choices over and over until you think you will scream? Do they half-complete or ignore chores? Do they procrastinate on assignments? Do they just squeak by every day, doing […]

Are You a Mean Mom?

ARE YOU A MEAN MOM? I Was a MEAN MOM. I didn’t want to be mean, I just did not know how to get my kids to follow through and get things done! I was repeating myself-A LOT– and if anyone was listening, it was NOT in a very nice tone of voice. But I […]

Mom Stuck?

You don’t have to let the climate of the internet voices, and fears of “what now/what next” be the greatest influencers in your life.