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COVID 19 caused a clothing shortage in our life. Working from home, my husband and I spent our days each situated on different couches, doing what we could to adjust to our new normal – in our industries, in our marriage, and in our zoom-based social life. Some days, the very least we could do for fun was to make bread – and eat it! The outcome of this was that our clothes had seemed to shrink.

Something had to change.

Years ago I created the All Done Day plan to be used with our kids on a daily basis-to create positive habits and to set up a way for our kids to learn how to choose to succeed at meeting goals. It wasn’t long before I realized that this plan was going to work best if I was participating as well. Setting goals, and providing incentives for achieving them doesn’t sound like rocket science, but I just hadn’t seen anyone putting it all together like the All Done Day plan did. I needed to re-launch our Adult All Done Day plan, and quick.

So, back to mysteriously shrinking clothes. My husband and I decided to set a goal of losing that combined COVID “19” we had gained together. We embarked on a round of the Whole30 diet. For 30 days, we cut these things out of our diet: Sugar, (yikes), dairy, (no cheese!), grains, (no bread!), legumes (no peanut butter), and alcohol.

One of our family values, which we always wove into our All Done Day plan has been to live an active, healthy lifestyle. So this All Done Day goal of eating better and losing weight was in line with that target. Each day that we said “no” to our taboo list of foods, there was a healthy habit being established. We were learning how to go into a grocery store and walk past the things that previously sang siren songs to us. We felt better, we slept better, and we were more alert.

And then, 30 All Done Days later, the prize at the end was that I lost 10 pounds and my husband, Steve, lost 12 pounds! It occurred to me that this was the equivalent of two bowling balls! Two bowling balls! Of course we have a new spring to our step, I’m wearing a smile on my face – my skinnier smile, AND, our clothes fit!

Everybody Loves an All Done Day!

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