Why is it so hard to motivate your kids?

I went to a parenting seminar that helped you determine your kids’ temperaments using charts and colors. These categories were represented by red, yellow, blue, and green. Each category contained some typical characteristics for certain temperaments. The premise was that each child is basically wired a certain way, and that’s the way they are, and […]

Eat the Frog

Start Traditions that Make You Better and Better I was reminded by my daughter, Megan, of a trip tradition in our family that may be kind of funny to some, but it obviously stuck with her. It stayed with her because it made sense to her – enough so that she has made it a […]

How to Motivate Your Teen. Is this possible?

Do you feel like your teen is “stuck”? Are they living, breathing, eating up social media, video games, and the contents of your fridge, but not much else?  Or are they busy with many activities, moving along, but still not quite in the right direction? It’s time for a reality check for you as a […]

Ideas – I’ve Got Them, You Need Them!

I SURVIVED MOTHERING 4 CHILDREN BECAUSE I RECEIVED GREAT IDEAS FROM OTHER MOMS. A LOT of ideas. Moms who had been there and who had tested ideas and passed on the ones that worked. Ideas were like gift cards to me. THANK YOU! It is for this reason that I do a lot of idea sharing […]

Change Disappointments to Positives

How to Change Disappointments in Parenting to Positives Do you watch your kids do the same unproductive things day after day, or make the same poor choices over and over until you think you will scream? Do they half-complete or ignore chores? Do they procrastinate on assignments? Do they just squeak by every day, doing […]

Incentives: The Secret Sauce

Unknowns to Knowns – PART 4 INCENTIVE: WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Isn’t it amazing just how hard people will work, sacrifice, and train to run in a 5K/10K or a marathon, with the reward being a $10 tshirt, or medal, and of course, bragging rights? But they do! And, they know that if they […]

Dealing with Unknowns – PART 3 – Do Chore Charts Really Work?

DO CHORE CHARTS REALLY WORK? I remember excitedly posting a colorful chore chart I had created for my four kids, with monetary amounts attached to each chore. I was sure that they would hungrily look at the money they could earn and get busy! Was I ever wrong! Here is what really happened. The one […]

Dealing with Unknowns and Creating Knowns! – PART 2

Successful families have a plan to do routinely what most families do once in a while. Fall is traditionally a time of new beginnings and plans in the life of a family with school aged kids. There is excitement or dread about starting a new grade or even a new school.  “Back to school shopping” […]